P&G Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

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Together We Progress. Our Brands. Our People. Our Communities.

From September 15 through October 15, we recognize Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrate the achievements and contributions of Hispanics. We work to better understand the rich diversity of Latinos in the U.S. And we uplift voices and stories from the Latinx community.

Building on the launch of our Powering Progress campaign in 2021, our theme this year highlights how Together WE Progress. We celebrate the contributions of the Hispanic community to the history and culture of Our Brands, Our People and Our Communities.

(The video is also available in Spanish)

P&G has a longtime commitment to and history of supporting and giving back to the Hispanic community, nationally and in the local communities where we operate. Together with our brands and an alliance of partners, we pledge to continue powering the progress of the U.S. Hispanic community. We are a founding partner of Hispanic Star, a national platform created to unify and help advance the Hispanic community by providing access to better education, better health, better jobs and gender equality.

Trusted P&G brands such as Always, Gillette, Crest and Oral-B are joining forces with Major League Soccer, Hispanic Star and other stakeholders in the soccer ecosystem to launch Capitanes del Futuro, a unique program that harnesses the passion for soccer to prepare the next generation of Hispanic leaders. Helping boys and girls 12-18 years old to embrace their Hispanic values as their superpower, Capitanes del Futuro will provide students free access to role models, resources, tools and skills intended to open their minds, build their confidence and help them overcome structural barriers often found along the road to higher education.

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The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly impacted Hispanic families who face tough decisions every day. Throughout the pandemic, we partnered with Hispanic Star Hubs across the country to organize and distribute more than 1,000 pallets of essential products to more than 150,000 Hispanic families in need. We also continue to strengthen our partnerships with nonprofit organizations like United Way, Feeding America and Matthew 25 to provide much-needed Hispanic-focused relief efforts.

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Additionally, P&G and its brands are continuing to partner with Hispanic Star and other organizations to drive awareness of healthy habits and to improve representation in the healthcare industry. In the last two years, Always, Tampax, Vicks, Crest and Oral-B have partnered with Hispanic Star to provide scholarships to more than 70 Hispanic nurses and dental hygienists. Oral-B and Crest are also providing oral care education and screening to Hispanic children in underserved communities through their Closing America’s Smile Gap initiative.

Beyond our work with Hispanic Star, we continue to invest in programs that support education. As a longtime partner of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, we have provided more than $5 million in scholarship commitments that have helped Latinx students achieve their dreams of higher education.

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