2022 It’s Our Home Awards: Celebrating the Best of Sustainability from Our Brands & Employees

On November 9th, we held our Annual It’s Our Home Awards, recognizing and rewarding talent from around the world whose significant contributions are making a difference and accelerating our Ambition 2030 goals. We encourage all our employees to embed sustainability into their everyday work, and by holding up best-in-class examples that are creating positive disruption and driving value creation, we can inspire and empower others.

Sustainability Stars - It's Our Home P&G

For the fourth consecutive year, we recognized individuals and teams at all levels and functions across the Company who are driving our Sustainability efforts forward, championing irresistible superiority while reducing our impact across Climate, Water, Waste and Nature. Fifteen winners were selected out of more than 320 nominations. Let’s introduce you to a few of them!

Awards Category #1: Enabling Our Consumers To Reduce Their Footprint

Enabling consumers to reduce their footprint

Tide and Ariel Reinvent Clean on a Journey to Decarbonize Laundry
Since 2015, top P&G Fabric Care brands have helped consumers make the switch to low-energy laundry cycles, avoiding roughly 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Through product innovation and consumer education campaigns encouraging cold water washing, Tide and Ariel are addressing the biggest source affecting our carbon footprint at home — the energy needed to heat water during product use.

The brands announced a new set of broad-reaching sustainability commitments, focusing on decarbonizing laundry at every step — from design, manufacturing and distribution to consumer use and end of life — while maintaining superior cleaning performance.

In the U.S., over two-thirds of all greenhouse (GHG) emissions in the laundry lifecycle happen during the consumer use phase. Recognizing that change begins in our home, Tide and Ariel’s new campaigns aim to convince consumers to shift 3 out of 4 loads of laundry to cold water by 2030 and help avoid more than 27 million tons of carbon emissions1.

For those consumers who were still lukewarm about this change, Tide brought two of the coolest pop culture icons, Ice-T and Stone Cold Steve Austin, on board to encourage people to #TurnToCold. Switching all loads from hot to cold water can reduce energy use in the wash phase by over 90% and can save U.S. consumers up to $74 a year2.

Ariel's pan-European consumer engagement campaign aims to achieve a five-degree drop in average wash temperatures by Ariel users in Europe by 2025. To get consumers to warm up to the idea, Ariel partnered with National Geographic Creative Works on a campaign highlighting the impact of global warming on the artic regions. If European consumers turned their washing temperatures to 30°C or below, it would result in a carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction equal to taking two million cars off the road.


Planting Forests for Good
The Forests for Good program enabled consumers to name a tree after themselves as they shop and to track its growth using blockchain technology. This engaging forestation program in the Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa (AMA) region has been implemented across several leading retailers and has launched more than 20 forestation projects in one year, already creating significant environmental impact. To date, more than 61,700 trees have been planted with more than 17,000 underway, and partnerships with local farmers have helped 75 families.

Forests For Good P&G

The carbon sequestration — or capture and storage of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) from the environment — is estimated to remove more than 20,000 tons of CO2 over the lifetime of the current program.

Awards Category #2: Impact on P&G’s Footprint

Impact on P&Gs footprint

Taking Action in our House to Protect Our Shared Home
P&G’s Ambition 2030 outlines our commitment to reduce or cut most of our emissions (or natural resources usage) across our operations and supply chain, from raw material to retailer. The My P&G Services Organization’s Sustainability Program is making sustainability efforts even more visible within our work environments by establishing global standard operating procedures for sustainable services across all P&G manufacturing and office facilities.

This program embeds sustainability into everything you can imagine — from building systems, facilities and real estate to printers and mobile phone services, IT asset management and travel services — saving energy and water, reducing waste and having a positive impact on business performance and the environment.

Awards Category #3: Industry-Wide Impact

Industry-wide impact

Reaching Beyond our Business and Sector: Holy Grail 2.0
Today, only about 10% of plastic is recycled3. One of the biggest barriers to recycling is making sure recycling containers are sorted accurately once they reach recycling facilities.

To tackle this challenge and scale sustainable solutions that create industry-wide impact, P&G has partnered with industry leaders to provide technical and commercial expertise for Holy Grail 2.0, an initiative facilitated by AIM (European Brands Association) and powered by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste that uses digital watermarks embedded in packaging to improve waste sorting.

Holy Grail 2.0 Intelligent Sorting

As materials enter recycling centers, high-resolution camera units detect and decode the watermarks and ensure they are appropriately sorted based on specific attributes including food, non-food or polymer types. This leads to more accurate sorting streams and higher quality recyclates to be channeled back into the plastic packaging value chain.

Awards Category #4: Rising Stars

Rising Stars Award

Passion and Personal Leadership at Work
This year, we introduced a new award called Rising Stars to recognize employees who have been with the company for less than four years and have already used their passion and conviction for constructive disruption, value creation and footprint reduction:

  • Youssef Abusamra headed up several challenging, breakthrough solutions that helped the Baby Care production site in Egypt advance closer to our Ambition 2030 goals.
  • Jay Devkota’s technical life cycle analysis (LCA) mastery continues to help teams identify the best sustainable materials and ingredients to reduce a product’s carbon emissions.
  • Coral Krentz step-changed the North America “It’s Our Home” campaign in 2022, activating retailers and inspiring consumers to plant over 20,000 trees for P&G Good Everyday through the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Ali Moraveck harnessed LCA science to adopt a new tool that's informing sustainable Grooming product offerings. Her passion extends beyond P&G, as she’s also developed a Climate Change STEM program for girls in underserved communities.

Making a Better Future Possible

Congratulations to all our winners of the It’s Our Home Awards who embrace what it means to be a Force for Growth and a Force for Good.

Together, we are accelerating progress towards our Ambition 2030 goals and making our planet — our shared home — better, for people; now, and for generations to come.

Click here to learn more about how we’re bringing our sustainability commitments to life.

1 based on expected cumulative GHG emissions from 2020 through 2030.
2 in a high-efficiency, top load washers, based on an electricity rate of 11c/kWh and 8 loads per week.
3 United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).