P&G Teams Up with Marvel to Unleash Superpowers Behind “The Name”

Procter & Gamble co-hosted an inspiring panel with Gold House featuring Marvel executives, creators and cast members to discuss the power of “The Name.”

Representation matters.

Media powerhouses Marvel Studios and Procter & Gamble are raising awareness and sparking dialogue about representation in front of and behind the camera by celebrating the historic release of “Ms. Marvel.”

In May 2022, P&G and Gold House co-hosted an inspiring panel discussion featuring Marvel executives, creators, and cast members of “Ms. Marvel” Yasmeen Fletcher and Saagar Shaikh.

Kamala Khan

P&G looks forward to the release of “Ms. Marvel,” an Original series from Marvel Studios, streaming on Disney+. In a historic first for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Ms. Marvel” introduces Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenager growing up in Jersey City struggling to fit in at school and sometimes even at home—that is, until she gets superpowers like the heroes she’s always looked up to.

Like Ms. Marvel, P&G is showcasing the power of representation and inclusion with the release of its latest film “The Name,” a short film which chronicles the early life of a Korean American girl named Yeong Joo. Created to bring awareness to the impact names have on one’s sense of belonging, “The Name” follows Yeong Joo from birth to adolescence, highlighting important milestones such as receiving her name, making a friend and her first experience with discomfort surrounding her name.

Throughout AAPI Heritage Month, P&G and Gold House celebrated with Hollywood celebrities and notable influencers to share their P&G Name Stories to bring further awareness to the importance of uplifting Asian names. Sharing social media posts using the #OurNamesBelong hashtag, Daniel Dae Kim, Ming Na Wen, Mari Takahashi, and others shared the meaning and power behind their name, elevating the importance of a name, and how meaningful gestures — like pronunciation and understanding its meaning — can create a greater sense of belonging for us all.

To highlight AAPI contributions to American society, P&G sponsored Gold House’s A100 List, a collection of the most influential Asian and Pacific Islander figures of the past year. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” star Michelle Yeoh, television host Jeannie Mai Jenkins, and “Turning Red” actor Maitreyi Ramakrishnan shared their personal name stories, as well as insights into the meaning behind them.

Following his name story, Nepalese-American fashion designer Prabal Gurung spoke on the significance of AAPI representation in Hollywood. “Today — graciously, quietly, but ferociously — we are here,” said Gurung.

Looking ahead, P&G is committed to sustained action and investment to address systemic bias and inequality, through initiatives such as Widen the Screen, a talent development platform for Black creatives, as well as partnerships with brands such as Marvel Studios.

Belonging begins with a name. Learn more.