Meet One of the Hispanic Suppliers Behind Family Care at P&G

Father-son duo carry on rich tradition of inclusion at QPI

Nearly 20 years ago, Ed Rosado became the owner of QPI, one of P&G's Hispanic-owned external business partners (EBPs) that provides contract manufacturing services to several categories, including Family Care, Fabric & Home Care and Baby Care. From the beginning, Ed’s experiences drove him to lead with a focus on equality and inclusion.

Ed was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Brooklyn, New York, with his family when he was just three years old. His father was a bilingual detective who modeled a strong work ethic, while Ed's mother showed him and his three siblings the value of genuinely caring for others.

"My parents had a huge influence on me as a child," shared Ed, "as did my experience growing up in Brooklyn."

In spite of that strong foundation, Ed also witnessed firsthand what it was like to not feel welcomed by the community where he lived.

"I felt unwanted and excluded, but I knew that whatever I did in life, I would work hard and do my best to help everyone feel valued, regardless of who they were or where they came from," he said.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting some of our Hispanic and Latino employees and suppliers who embody and advance our commitments to curiosity, compassion and creativity. Their imagination, ingenuity and leadership allow our company to continue to produce superior, category-leading and category-changing products for generations. Learn more about our commitment to supplier diversity.

Ed builds his beliefs into the organization through his actions every day. While he holds his employees to the highest of standards, Ed is known to show up at weekend cookouts, making real connections with his team, said Ed’s son Daniel Rosado, QPI’s Continuous Improvement Consultant.

"When our CEO shows up at a facility, people get excited to see him because he makes people feel cared for, while also pushing them to do be their best," Daniel said.

While other companies have experienced issues retaining workers, that is not a challenge that QPI has faced, with more than an 80% retention rate before COVID. The low attrition numbers have everything to do with how Ed treats his employees and sees each of their potential.

He gives people a chance where others might not, like through Second Chance programs at two of QPI’s sites, where they provide employment opportunities to people who were previously incarcerated.

QPI shares P&G’s commitment to equality and inclusion, which is evident by the Company’s diverse workforce, which mirrors the demographics where their sites are located. Approximately 34% of their employees are African American and more than 4% are Hispanic.

QPI actively recruits at The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Cincinnati’s Hope House Mission and similar organizations in cities where QPI has operations, because Ed and team recognize how they can support the economic empowerment of communities that may have reduced access to opportunities.

Daniel said his father tried to impress upon his children at a young age the importance of surrounding themselves with hard-working, kind and caring people.

"'Show me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are' is something I heard over and over again in our home growing up, " Daniel said.

He and Ed continue to apply that approach at QPI.

"Getting the right people in the right roles creates a garden that flourishes," said Ed.

For more information on how we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2021, check out our blog post. #HispanicStar #Equality #Inclusion #HispanicHeritageMonth

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