P&G Costa Rica Opens Doors for Women in Information Technology

A large group of Hispanic Procter & Gamble employees pose, with many sitting on the floor and others standing in the background. They are waving and smiling. The group is predominantly female.

Female participation in STEM careers ranges from 3% to 27% in different regions around the world.

In Costa Rica, 1,406 professionals enrolled in the field of computing in 2021, yet only 355 were women (26%), according to the 2023 State of Education report.

In response to this reality, P&G Costa Rica implemented a series of programs in recent years to encourage greater female participation in these areas by offering support, resources and information on internships and job opportunities, and giving girls the tools they need to help them embrace future STEM careers without fear.

These initiatives, along with previous editions of Inspira IT, have led to a current female participation of 42% in Information Technology positions, a figure that the company aims to increase with upcoming hires.

"I've been at P&G since December 2022, and the company truly believes in empowering women through technology with training, workshops, and talks," commented Francella Chaves, Data Analyst at P&G Costa Rica.

“At P&G, I've found a community of creative and innovative women who inspire me and enhance my talents and career.”

The company also sponsors initiatives like "Corina: Girls in Action" by the Paniamor Foundation, a toolkit with stories for girls related to science, art, technology, engineering and mathematics, to encourage the development of STEM and art skills from early childhood.

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