P&G’s Native American Network - Alexandria Team Connects Community & Culture

Local Alexandria team leads in strong and sustained employee engagement.

Alexandria team’s community service

Did you know that our Alexandria plant is home to the largest and most active group in P&G’s Native American Network (NAN)?

Currently consisting of 52 employees, the Alexandria team has found a way to not only connect its members to their heritage through community service, but also sustain these efforts in a regular and consistent way. Each quarter, they plan different events for the team that provide educational, community service and team building experiences. And they cover a range of activities - from museum visits and land & mound walks to community service, riverboat cruises and local hikes. Here are just a few recent examples:

  • Tunica-Biloxi Tribe in Marksville, LA — toured the reservation, museum and conservation center where artifacts are cleaned, catalogued and stored. Community service at the reservation included clean-up and restoration of the Pow Wow grounds. Previous work for Earth Day included planting trees on the reservation.
  • Marksville State Historic Site — educational tour of this pre-historic Native American site (1AD — 400AD) that was once run by Louisiana State Parks and Recreation. Part of the ground tour included a visit of 6-7 mounts and the earthworks that surround the perimeter.
  • Teambuilding & Educational Trips in Natchitoches, LA – these included riverboat tours of Fort St. Jean Baptiste Fort and Fort Adai, where the team learned how the Caddo and Natchitoches Indians were used during the French and Spanish war.
  • Community Service for the Houma Nation in Houma, LA — the team has provided back-to-back years of help after two hurricanes hit the Louisiana Gulf Coast and destroyed many homes, power lines and businesses. The Alexandria team brought and distributed numerous supplies and essentials, and in the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, they helped distribute mask and cleaning supplies to both the Houma and Tunica-Biloxi Tribes.
  • Educational Trip to Natchez Mississippi — the team visited the museum of the Natchez Natives and toured Emerald Mound, which is located off the Natchez Trace.
Alexandria team working

“The Alexandria team has built a strong relationship with everyone we have worked with, and what I love about my team is that everyone looks forward to the next Community Service,” says Brandon Vanderberg, who leads the Alexandria team. “We enjoy giving back, we love to see the joy in everyone’s faces that we have made an impact on. The admin from Tunica continues to reach out for future projects, and I still have a real close connection with the Houma Tribe as we continue to stay in touch especially during storm seasons.”

Most of the Alexandria members are on shift, with varying schedules. But despite the scheduling challenges that this may pose, the team has found a way to stay organized, including the creation of a “Core Team” that helps distribute information, decide on quarterly events, etc. Plant leaders - who are called “Movers” — meet once a month to discuss upcoming activities and provide organizational support.

Alexandria team posing

The NAN affinity group’s team in Alexandria strives to bring awareness, education and culture to P&Gers at the plant and in the community. The team provides members opportunities to understand the history and culture of Native Americans, and for members with a Native American background, to learn more about their own heritage. The group also invites employees with both Native and non-Native backgrounds to join in order to create greater awareness and inclusivity. Earlier this summer, they were also featured in the local news for one of their most recent community service projects.