Oral-B and Crest Step Up to Support Dental Professionals and Consumers

During the pandemic, dental professionals around the world have faced many challenges to continue providing excellent dental care while minimizing risk to patients and dental care personnel. Relatedly, consumers are facing their own set of challenges to maintain great oral health while not being permitted to visit their dentist.

Oral-B and Crest have stepped up to partner with dental professionals to create new ways to engage with their patients, to educate and to help dentists build the capabilities of their practice. We have created sharable public service announcements and offered free Continuing Education content for dental practices, as well as consumer facing content such as articles, videos, live-streamed talk shows, seminars and Q&A sessions featuring important information for adults and children on how to keep their mouth healthy. We’ve also partnered with many medical professionals and health institutions, outside of traditional dental offices, with donations to help meet the needs of first responders and vulnerable populations.

In Brazil, P&G leveraged our unique position by connecting dentists and patients through a regional program with live sessions that enable professionals to provide expert guidance in topics like orthodontics and children’s oral care. Check out this video highlighting how we are helping in Brazil. In China, we have reached millions of consumers through the delivery of various oral hygiene related articles, videos and livestream sessions. And in North America, P&G stepped up to answer the #1 need expressed by dental professionals - Continuing Education. We partnered with CE Zoom to offer free daily webinars.

Beyond these efforts, Oral-B and Crest also have been very involved in ensuring all consumers have access to high-quality oral care products. We have contributed via both product and monetary donations to organizations like the Red Cross, United Way, Feeding America, Matthew 25: Ministries, the China Women’s Development Foundation and many others.

The P&G people of Oral-B and Crest are #Proud2bOC, stepping up and stepping forward to create healthy, beautiful smiles across the globe.

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