Celebrating Black History—In the Making

The history of African Americans is vast and rich and beautiful. From the continent of Africa, artists, inventors, scholars, queens, and kings created, innovated, and led in the world dating back 35,000 years. And so, it is in 2022.

As we celebrate Black History Month, P&G is thrilled to support a new generation of makers, moments, and movements paving a way forward and building on the rich legacy of African Americans making history, every day.

We know that there is still much more to do, and many more stories to be told. We also know the power of possibilities and our opportunity to drive transformative, systemic change that fuels a world where equality and inclusion is fully achievable for all. That is why we are committed to sustained action led by and in concert with our employees, through our brands, with our partners, and in the communities, we serve, that go far beyond a month, and resonate for years.

Celebrating Black History In The Making

At P&G, Equality & Inclusion are more than an aspiration. Equality & Inclusion are commitments deeply anchored in our values and purpose as a Company and in our call to action to be a force for growth and a force for good in the world around us.

We see firsthand what is possible when companies like ours provide meaningful opportunities to diverse-owned suppliers. We have increased our global spend with diverse-owned and women-led businesses from our previous target of $3 billion to $5 billion annually by 2030. Learn more here.

Supplier Diversity

We will continue to tell untold stories that uplift and empower new voices and change the narratives we hear and the images we see. Read about our efforts to Widen The Screen to Widen Our View of Black Life to portray the rich, vast and joyful Black experience.

Widen the Screen

We support emerging talent transforming industries and leading the way to change, such as through the second wave of scholarships from the Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders and Gold Series from Pantene $1 Million Rooted in Science Scholarship Fund to support Black students pursuing STEM degrees. Apply by March 7, 2022.

Rooted In Science

We will continue to step up to #TakeOnRace and enact change because we know that Black History is still being made.

Black History is much more than a month. It is a vibrant movement. Join us throughout February, and in the months and years ahead, as we deepen our commitment and continue to take action to make history, together. Learn more about our Equality & Inclusion commitments.