P&G Greece: Supporting The Ones That Need It The Most

Greece bag handoff

As part of the European COVID Relief fund to IFRC, P&G Greece joined forces with the local Red Cross in February 2021 to shape a yearly program that would support people experiencing homelessness in three major cities.

More specifically, together with Hellenic Red Cross we announced a yearly multi-phased support in the area of Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra. A mobile unit of Red Cross equipped with trained medical personnel, social workers and volunteers offered ongoing support to people experiencing homelessness including food and product necessities, medical treatment, hygiene kits, blankets and clothes.

“We remain committed to the support of all our co-citizens that are homeless, through covering basic needs, caring for their health and hygiene — more important now than ever to combat the spreading of COVID-19,” said the President of the Hellenic Red Cross. “It is of great value to our mission to have supporters like P&G so that we can expand and reinforce our social work.”

P&G Greece’s commitment to the local Red Cross is an example of how we’re stepping up to Lead with Love.