P&G Honored with Coalition for Integrity 2020 Corporate Leadership Award

Recently, P&G was honored with the Coalition for Integrity (C4I) 2020 Corporate Leadership Award. C4I works with a broad network of individuals and organizations to combat corruption and promote integrity in the public and private sectors.

This recognition is a reflection of P&G’s “Do the Right Thing Culture” and can be traced back to the mid-1800’s when our co-founder, James Gamble, set the tone for generations. He said, “If you cannot make pure goods and full weight, go to something else that is honest, even if it is breaking stone.” And for decades, our Purpose, Values and Principles— which we call our PVPs— serve as a guide to defining who we are as P&G employees.

Chief Legal Officer Deborah Majoras received the award on behalf of the employees of P&G and the Board of Directors during a “virtual” awards ceremony. She noted that while we all believe in the importance of integrity, “We need to actively choose to act with integrity and then work hard to seek out the right thing to do, each and every day.”

C4I logo

P&G people everywhere are reminded that our PVPs and commitment to “Doing the Right Thing” — each and every day— are foundational to earning and maintaining the respect and support of our consumers and key stakeholders, and we hope we are inspiring others to join us in our efforts to make the world a better place.

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