P&G Celebrates International Podcast Day


Want to hear something interesting? September 30th is International Podcast Day. To help celebrate, we’ve listed some of our most popular podcast series that P&G was a part of. Each series has a different focus, but all of them will leave you more informed, entertained and ready for another.

As podcasts have continued to grow in popularity and reach, we have supported a variety of podcast ventures and topics to help raise awareness about a diverse range of interests while also providing captivating entertainment.

P&G Podcast Partnerships

Equal too

Equal Too
This six-part podcast series was produced in partnership with P&G Studios and focusses on the biggest challenges faced by the disabled community and the drive for equality. Read more about it here.

Download and listen to the Equal Too podcasts.

Seneca’s 100 Women to Hear

Seneca’s 100 Women to Hear
Made in partnership with Seneca Women and iHeartRadio, each episode focuses on one of 100 of the world’s most inspiring women from both the past and present. Women who are featured include a look back at Sojourner Truth, an ex-slave and abolitionist from the Civil War era, Abby Wambach, soccer star and advocate for women’s leadership, and Alejandra Castillo, former CEO of the YWCA.

Download and listen to the Seneca’s 100 Women to Hear podcasts.

The Man Enough Podcast

The Man Enough Podcast
P&G teamed up with Wayfarer studios to create the Man Enough podcast series. In each episode, hosted by Justin Baldoni and Jamey Heath, they explore the issues, structures, and attitudes that affect both men and women. Episode guests include Mathew McConaughey, Shawn Mendes and many more vibrant personalities.

Download and listen to the Man Enough podcasts.

Powered By Purpose

Powered By Purpose
Hosted by renown BBC journalist Simon Mundie, the Powered By Purpose Podcast explores the lives of people who work at P&G and were driven to go above and beyond to help others and make an even bigger difference in the world—from Uganda to Saudi Arabia to the United States and more.

Download and listen to the Powered By Purpose podcasts.

Diversity Beyond Numbers–In Conversation With Podcasts

Diversity Beyond Numbers—In Conversation With
The Diversity Beyond Numbers podcast miniseries is a fascinating series of discussions that include P&G Beauty leaders along with media and marketing experts who discuss how global issues can be meaningfully addressed in the context of the beauty industry.

Download and listen to the Diversity Beyond Numbers podcasts.

Podcasts About P&G

With so many iconic brands and motivated employees around the world, P&G has often become the topic of podcasts as well. Here are some recent podcast episodes where P&G products and/or people were featured:

Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell
Best-selling author and world-renown critical thinker Malcolm Gladwell explores his fascination with laundry, P&G and of course, Tide. Listen here.

Good Is the New Cool
Hosted by Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones, in this episode of Good Is the New Cool they talk to P&G’s accessibility leader Sam Latif to learn about her journey and how she is helping P&G continue to be a force for good and a force for growth by making our products more accessible to people with disabilities. Listen here.

Restaurant Rockstars
Host Roger Beaudoin talks with Paul Edmonson, P&G Professional’s VP of North America about the steps that restaurants can take to maintain a high level of cleanliness and safety during a global pandemic and how P&G Professional innovations were accelerated in the last year to give businesses a competitive advantage. Listen here.