Investing in Black Owned and Operated Media

P&G’s Passionate Team is Working to Widen the Screen

At P&G, we understand that reaching underrepresented audiences with accurate, authentic stories helps remove bias and inspire inclusion.

That’s why our passionate Black Owned and Operated Media Team is leading the industry with equitable actions to #WidenTheScreen.

Marc Pritchard with Queen Collective

We’re investing in Black Owned and Operated media outlets, which today only get 2% of media industry spend, to create programming that enables them to increase ad inventory — expanding the Black-owned media ecosystem.

We’re also creating more opportunities across the creative industry for Black creators with programs like Queen Collective, one of our signature initiatives in P&G’s Widen The Screen program.

Queen Latifah, Queen Collective

In two years, P&G has nearly doubled spending in Black-owned media. We will continue to increase our investments, with the intent of consistently being the leading spender and to invest in making the Black-owned media market bigger. Read Seven Habits for Multicultural Growth.

We’re going beyond increased media budgets to address the systemic issue that holds investment back: creating enough relevant programming to enable Black-owned media companies to build audiences and provide sufficient ad inventory to attract advertiser budgets.

That is why we are working with partners like Ebony Magazine, giving the mic to Black storytellers with a #PowerTalks conversation led by Nichole Lynel and Broderick Hunter, who will have inspiring conversations about the beauty of Black storytelling.

We’re also partnering with theGrio for the first-ever awards show that recognizes Black individuals across the worlds of entertainment, politics and social justice — theGrio 2022 Awards.

The Queen Collective Special hosted by Kéla Walker features two of our films: If There Is Light by Haley Elizabeth Anderson and Ballet After Dark by B.Monét.

To learn more about P&G’s commitment to Equality and Inclusion, visit https://us.pg.com/equality-and-inclusion/.

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