P&G Recognizes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

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The rise in anti-Asian violence and bias across the country further underscores the need to recognize and celebrate how vital the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is to the fabric of the U.S. Here at P&G, we aspire to create a better community for all of us – one that is free from bias, and provides equal voice, equal opportunity, and equal representation for all individuals. In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, here are a few steps we’re taking to celebrate, support, and rise up for the AAPI community.

Driving Conversation Within P&G
We believe in the power of our differences, and the impact we can make, when we come together united by shared values and purpose – to be a force for good and force for growth. We remain committed to doing the work to make this a reality.

P&G hosted two conversations internally to not only reflect on the AAPI experience with our employees, but also to activate each of us as a champion of AAPI issues. These events brought together both P&G leaders and change makers across the industry to focus on action to make the AAPI community feel heard, supported and energized.

Raising Awareness with See Us Unite and TIME’s Uplifting AAPI Voices Summit
By partnering with other organizations and advocates, we can drive awareness and action on issues of discrimination against AAPI individuals. See Us Unite, which aired on multiple CBS networks on May 21, was the first-of-its-kind cultural campaign and television special designed to expand support and solidarity through education. By sponsoring See Us Unite, we had the opportunity to shine a light on AAPI voices, while raising awareness and building understanding of their historic and current experiences in this nation.

Uplifting AAPI Voices, a Time Summit, presented in partnership with P&G

During See Us Unite, singer/songwriter/activist MILCK debuted her new song, “I Belong,” an anthem about belonging in America that she wrote in the wake of the Atlanta shootings that took the lives of six AAPI women. The song celebrates her heritage as the daughter of two immigrants and how she found her sense of belonging during a time of increased tension.

On May 27, P&G partnered with TIME on its first-ever Uplifting AAPI Voices Summit, a celebration held in recognition of AAPI Heritage Month. We convened leaders, activists, actors and storytellers to share their unique perspectives on identity, creativity, and impact – as well as the intersectional path toward equity.

Creating the Path Forward
We can influence societal change with our voice and civic engagement and by using our resources for positive impact. P&G and non-profits across the country that support the AAPI community have come together to stand in solidarity to #StopAsianHate. Read more about our commitment here and please visit our Take On Race page to learn more about what you can do to help.

Let’s commit to becoming better allies, because together we can make real lasting change to shape a more equal and inclusive future.

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