P&G’s Head & Shoulders and Pantene Aim to Help Close the Racial Gap in STEM

Closing the racial gap in STEM

Launched in 2020, Head & Shoulders Royal Oils and Pantene Gold Series’ Rooted in Science campaign continues efforts to help close the racial gap in STEM.

Closing the racial gap in STEM

Black professionals have historically been one of the most underrepresented groups in the STEM workforce, making up about 9% of today’s STEM workers. However, we know this gap originates well before they first enter their jobs. While Black college students continue to pursue STEM courses and career opportunities at an accelerated pace, they are also leaving at a much higher rate than their peers, a trend that is primarily driven by a lack of resources, exposure to STEM options and feelings of not belonging.

Lab workers

Royal Oils and Gold Series are determined to help reverse this trend. The Rooted In Science initiative includes:

$1 Million Rooted in Science Scholarship Fund: In partnership with UNCF (United Negro College Fund), Royal Oils and Gold Series are committing $1 million in scholarships over five years to support Black undergraduate students who pursuing STEM degrees.

Rooted In Science Mentorship Workshops: In partnership with school institutions, Royal Oils and Gold Series Black scientists mentor students in STEM programs to give them exposure to STEM the breadth of available careers and provide real life examples of STEM experts who look just like them.

Rooted In Science Partnerships: Studies show that there is not only a disparity of Black professionals in STEM fields but also access to them. Our brands utilize this initiative to help make connections to Black Dermatologist partnerships, edu-tainment content series on Black hair and scalp, and event sponsorships.

Brands That Are Walking the Talk: Both Royal Oils and Gold Series are Rooted In Science. They were developed by Black scientists and scalp experts. From products to campaigns, this story of representation not only inspires future Black STEM leaders but also enables our brands to deliver products that meet the every day needs of Black consumers.