#SignalPG Helps P&G “Do-Lean-Pivot-and-Do-Again”

P&Gers and partners converged in Cincinnati to experience P&G's 6th Annual Signal conference.

“Today is about broadening all of our field of visions, including myself, so that we can create the environment where the absolutely best group of leaders can create a phenomenal future for our Company,” said David Taylor, P&G’s Chairman and CEO.

During the event, nearly thirty of the world’s leading digital executives, disruptive founders, peer companies, and other industry leaders shared case studies and conversations with host and NewCo CEO John Battelle to “unpack” how digital technology is affecting business now and in the future.

Event sponsor, Marc Pritchard, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer added perspective, “We all know that we have a ‘big farm’ to run, with market leading brands in 10 core categories that need to deliver balanced top and bottom line growth… but we can also innovate by ‘cultivating small gardens’ with lean innovation where we experiment on a fast-cycle, small scale basis to ‘do-learn-pivot-and-do-again’ to innovate to win.”

Watch a video of highlights from the day…