Protecting P&G People with ‘Care & Courage’

Stepping up as a force for good

Protecting the health and well-being of P&G people is our first priority during this trying time. This includes supporting team members around the world so they can stay safe while serving our consumers and customers.

That support takes on an even greater importance during the current crisis and comes in many forms – helping continue pay for team members sheltering in place, ensuring personal protective equipment for workers in manufacturing facilities making our products, administering health care plans and providing flexibility for parents in locations where schools and childcare centers are closed.

Like so many P&G people, our Human Resource team has stepped up, in many cases, even in the face of their own personal challenges.

Employee needs vary by location, role and personal situation, and the team is focused on doing what it takes to take care of employees’ physical and mental health while serving the business and supporting our communities.

“We try to role-model courage and care in supporting P&G people, and I’m seeing that in spades around the world,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Tracey Grabowski.

In Hubei, China, employees were faced with a mask shortage, said Plant HR leader Yuan “Mila” Zhao, who has worked at P&G for eight years.

“We provided the caring and masks for them so they could come back to work with sufficient protection to keep them safe,” she said. “They have trust in us to provide the protection to them and are so appreciative for that.”

In Manila, Philippines, home of a large P&G GBS Service Center, one line manager found herself stepping outside traditional roles to show care for a sick employee.

“During the Philippines lockdown, one employee had to go to the hospital to be checked while she had a fever,” said Ravinder Jindal, Manila Service Center HR Manager. “The hospital was full so she had to wait outside. Her manager prepared food and had it delivered to her. The employee was very grateful for the care. This is just one of many heartwarming stories we witness every day.”

No matter the challenge, one constant is the way the team is putting people first and living our Purposes, Values and Principles (PVPs).

“There are a lot of things that need to happen in the background to ensure our employees can stay focused on their families and jobs,” said NA HR manager Naazli Sado, a 12-year P&G employee who works in North America Employee Relations. “I have been so proud of how every single HR person has rallied to make this happen – with tenacity, ingenuity, hard work and, most of all, a lot of heart.”