STEM-experienced Women ReLaunch Careers at P&G

PG ReLaunch

In a world where digital-everything is exploding, and STEM experience is in high demand, how do you fill open roles with talent that has the STEM skills you urgently need, and a diversity of thinking proven to help grow your business?

If you’re April Cielica of P&G’s IT organization in Cincinnati, you create ReLaunch—a program designed to recruit STEM-experienced women who are looking to re-enter the workforce after pausing their careers for personal reasons.

“*Women have told me when they tried to come back into the workforce, they were advised that the easiest way was to pursue another degree and get back into the university recruiting pipeline,*” says Cielica.

Knowing that the fast evolution of technology instills a learning mindset in STEM professionals, Cielica realized P&G could help women fast-track their re-entry into the workforce—and the company would benefit, too, “P&G gets motivated recruits who have specialized skills in businesses where we have limited experience and bring ‘how things are done elsewhere’ insights that generate new ideas and approaches to benefit our business. Our STEM-experienced hires get support in learning the latest STEM developments, establishing new networks, and flexibility that makes it easier to re-enter the workforce and have a very successful career.”

The first ‘ReLaunchers’ joined P&G early this year—and have been so successful that P&G leaders across the U.S. are queuing up to hire more.

Marlon Sylvester in Capital Management was trying to fill a role internally—with no success. “I definitely needed an experienced person given the nature of the business and our business partners. So, I took a leap of faith and decided to try the ReLaunch program.”

Tracy Sandefur

Tracy Sandefur