P&G Echoes Call to #StopAsianHate

Stop the hate

In a message of solidarity to North America employees, executive leaders reiterate P&G’s commitment to equality and inclusion.

It’s concerning to see a disturbing wave of anti-Asian violence in recent weeks, including burglaries and assaults targeting Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals. These incidents come more than a year after many began experiencing coronavirus-related racism.

These unfortunate events are examples of ongoing bias, racism, and instances of brutality that too many of our communities are experiencing.

To address the discrimination targeted at Pan-Asians in the early days of the pandemic last year, we signed Ascend’s COVID-19 Action Agenda focused on diverse communities to 1) promote inclusion; 2) raise awareness of vulnerable groups; 3) denounce bias; 4) support communities; and 5) give donations.

In September 2020, we announced the Bold Actions for Racial Equality Plan to drive key actions and systemic changes for all our multicultural employees. We know we must break down the systems – internally and externally – and seek out structural inequities to make the changes needed. Consistent with P&G’s new Equality & Inclusion Strategy, this plan includes actions we are exploring with employees, brands, business partners and communities.

More than 140 employees have volunteered as change agents to lend their time, voice, talent and actions to the BOLD Actions for Racial Equality Plan. We invite each of you to join in as allies, advocates and champions. We will share quarterly updates on our BOLD Actions and will use these to communicate progress and share current issues like this one.

What can we do as co-workers, managers and leaders for our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander colleagues in this moment? Acknowledge the recent news of anti-Asian violence, listen with empathy and give space for healing.

For our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander colleagues, please know your immediate leadership and HR partner is ready to engage and support you, in addition to our employee assistance programs,. Stay strong and know that we stand with you every step of the way.

Please visit https://stopaapihate.org/ to learn more about what you can do. At P&G, we are committed to do our part to create a company and world where equality and inclusion exist for all. Collectively, we influence societal change with our voice and civic engagement, using our resources to positively impact our communities. Read about our Equality & Inclusion Strategy here.

Carolyn Tastad Group President – North America

Sundar Raman
President – Home Care and P&G Professional
APA Executive Sponsor