The Art of the Workplace

Picture of P&G’s Beauty Innovation Center

The pandemic helped us reset our thinking about how and where we work. With a focus on jobs to be done, we will rely more on remote workspaces and technology for flexibility and focus. But our offices will continue to play an important role in the creative process, in how we collaborate and in how we build relationships and a winning culture.

Research shows that a thoughtfully designed space can improve business results while strengthening culture and employee development, wellness and inclusion.

Painted palm leaves and real plants adorn the workspace in Seoul, South Korea.

It’s all about applying science-based principles to create design-rich, flexible spaces that support jobs to be done, modes of working—and even personalities—helping employees and teams to give their best work and feel ownership of their space and day.

Be it a curated collection of furniture or room set-ups that support different ergonomics, ways to meet, group collaboration or social interactions, art and science come together to create stunning environments that spur creativity, productivity and impact—but still convey that special something that feels uniquely P&G.

Here are some of our favorites from around the world.