Tide Team Helps Lighten the Load for US First Responders


First responders have been working tirelessly to ensure the health and well-being of their communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In an uncertain time, P&G Fabric Care colleagues launched Tide Loads of Hope Powered by Tide Cleaners to bring the certainty of clean clothes to those at the front lines.

On March 30, Tide Loads of Hope Powered by Tide Cleaners began providing free laundry and dry-cleaning services to medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and their immediate family members at all Tide Cleaners locations in three US cities: Houston, Indianapolis and Phoenix. Since March 30, the program has expanded at Tide Cleaners stores across the county and is now in 25 markets – including Chicago, Cincinnati, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

“First responders are working tirelessly to keep our communities safe,” said Jenny Maxwell, Associate Brand Director for Tide. “Our hope is to make everyday chores like laundry as seamless as possible and lighten the loads for those at the front lines during this time.”

First responders and their families can take advantage of Tide Cleaners convenience service offerings including 24/7 drop-off and pickup at store kiosks and lockers, car-side service and free home delivery to help minimize person-to-person contact.

Through the first two weeks of the program, more than 5,000 front-line responders and their family members have already benefited from the free service, which has cleaned over 55,000 laundry garments.

As COVID-19 continues to impact more cities across the US, the P&G Fabric Care team is looking at how to continue to expand Loads of Hope through Tide Cleaners stores and beyond.

Tide loads of hope