U.S. COVID-19 Policy Update

A Message from David Taylor, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

P&G U.S. Colleagues,

I want to again thank you all for everything you continue to do to deliver the business and operate safely as the world continues to battle COVID-19.

Our number one priority from the earliest days of the pandemic has been employee safety and the safety of our work environments, and we’ve taken significant steps to deliver against this priority, including mandating masks, temperature screenings, distancing and disinfection—all to keep you safe.

As you know, we recently announced additional requirements for employees in the United States as part of a comprehensive program to help keep people safe and do our part to end the pandemic. This decision was not made lightly or without full regard for the diverse points of view on this topic. I have had to make a number of very tough calls as CEO. The higher order has always been the health and safety of P&G people and, as a result, our ability to serve consumers and customers.

We’re providing three options with implementation expected to start within November to December:

  • Receiving vaccinations with paid time provided to receive the shots. We believe—and compelling medical data supports—that vaccines are the single best tool to protect our personal health, keep hospitalizations low and minimize deaths in our community. With broad adoption, vaccines can help bring an end to the pandemic.
  • Qualifying for a vaccination exemption. The application process, for either medical and religious reasons, is simple and easy to complete.
  • Weekly COVID testing for those choosing not to receive the vaccine. Employees can choose at-home tests or PCR tests, with simplified reporting requirements. We are securing a supply of easy-to-use at-home test kits for employee purchase.

These three options provide a balanced approach to deliver on our ongoing commitment to health and safety, consistent with our Purpose, Values and Principles and the anticipated standard from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Far too many people have died because of this virus, and I am committed to do everything I can to help ensure the safety of P&G people. For those of you, who for your own personal reasons, choose not to take the vaccine, I respect your choice. And I trust that you understand that in lieu of the vaccine or a qualified exemption, weekly testing is a necessary step.

This is ultimately for the collective health of P&G people, P&G’s business and the communities where we live and work, and I deeply appreciate everything you’ve done and are doing to care for each other and the families and communities we serve.