Veteran-Led P&G Supplier Gives Back

Magellan Transport Logistics Leverages Military Experience to Achieve Diversity Goals, Serve P&G Consumers

Tom Piatak, U.S. military veteran and CEO of Magellan Transport Logistics, is leveraging his company’s commitment to hiring and supporting veterans to help P&G achieve our veteran employment diversity goals — while ensuring we provide superior service to our customers.

When Piatak was deployed in 1990, he was only three years out of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Civil Engineering degree. While he was excited to put his engineering education to work, he quickly learned there weren’t too many bridges requiring his attention, and his mission changed from crossing over ravines to connecting the dots for transportation and logistics services.
P&G proudly supports equity and inclusion initiatives that support a broad range of diverse people, groups and companies, including veterans.

Not only did he find his passion in logistics, Piatak also discovered the Army provided him with an invaluable hands-on education. He utilized these skills in his first job in the transportation industry after leaving the military. After working for one of the largest U.S. carriers for several years, Piatak embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and started what would be the first of three successful logistics companies over the next ten years. He founded Magellan Transport Logistics in 2006; the company became one of P&G’s U.S. carriers in 2018.

Like P&G, Piatak and his team value hiring veterans. While veterans make up approximately 7 percent of the U.S. population, 13 percent of Magellan’s operations employees are veterans. Magellan has aggressive goals for workplace diversity, including a target to include at least 15 percent veterans in its workforce.

Magellan actively seeks out individuals who have served via veteran networks and business councils. Veteran applicants are guaranteed an interview with Piatak, during which he provides candid feedback transitioning to the private sector.

Tom Piatak, veteran and CEO of Magellan Transport Logistics, a P&G supplier who proudly hires veterans and supports those who served.

“I remember interviewing for my first job out of the military and it was rather intimidating,” Piatak said. “While the leadership skills transition well, everyone can use a little training on how to sell yourself and your skillset to the private sector – not something they traditionally taught in the Army.”

He invests in the development of all employees and always keeps his door open to provide guidance to staff looking to improve themselves. Magellan partners with Veterans Affairs to hold information sessions on various business topics for veterans.

Beyond simply supporting veterans to find meaningful careers after their service, Magellan has a solid track record as a transportation provider, focusing on entrepreneurial spirit, speed in decision-making, and creating a “no-shipment-left-behind” culture.

Their commitment to these focus areas has fueled their success.

Justin Kane, Director of Strategic Capture at Magellan, said the training they received by P&G's logistics team helped them be a better partner and contributed to their ability to gain business with other clients.

“P&G’s continuous training program and carrier playbook are best in class,” Kane said. “The knowledge we gained managing P&G shipments and appointments has been pivotal to our explosive growth with CPG and Big Box store clients, which prepared us to double in size in 2020.”

Just as Magellan has a commitment to giving back to veterans, the company is committed to giving back to its community. Throughout the year, Magellan supports several community outreach programs throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area, where the company is headquartered. Their efforts have resulted in various awards, including the February 2019 U.S. Senate Small Business of the Week, the Employer Support of the Reserve and Guard Patriot Award, and Jacksonville Jaguars’ “Veteran of the Game.”

Find Out More About P&G Veteran’s Programs

P&G values include supply chain diversity that gives opportunities to veterans and veteran-owned businesses as part of P&G diversity programs, and we strive to be an employer of choice for Veterans and Reservists. Learn more about our Veterans program or about other hiring programs designed to tap into alternative sources of STEM talent.

P&G strives to be an employer of choice for Veterans and Reservists.

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